Preparation for Standardisation (or Standards Verification) for the BTEC NG in Sport

Very shortly you should be receiving notification of who your standards verifier is for the year. You will receive this allocation if you have registered any learners onto this course. If like other centres, you have edged your bets and registered learners onto both the QCF BTEC Level 2 and the NG Level 1/2 BTEC it is now that you will have to make your mind up. To reduce a lot of hassle from your  standards verifier, and the possibility of having all BTEC certifications blocked please ensure that you withdraw any learners from any courses which you are no longer offering at your centre….


Tip 1: Only register learners onto courses which you intend to deliver and assess upon this year.

It is worth noting that if you register learners onto the NG BTEC this year and you only intend to sit the external assessment (Unit 1 Award & Unit 1 & 7 Certificate/Extended Certificate and Diploma) you will be expected to present some evidence of internal assessment evidence for standards verification.  For example, if as a centre you have not assessed any learner work you will be required to present the assessment plan and the assignment briefs for at least one unit which you have identified as been assessed in the first year of the programme. The Standards Verifier will sample these and complete the report for the first year on these materials alone.


Tip 2: Even if you are not delivering any internally assessed units you must be prepared to show the standards verifier some assignment briefs for internally assessed units

It is strongly advised that prior to submitting any assignment briefs for sampling you should have these checked reviewed through the Pearson/Edexcel endorsed Assignment Checking Service.  To access this service please use the following link and follow the appropriate links and directions to attach your assignment and have them checked and reviewed. If you are struggling to develop an assignment brief and you need inspiration obtain support and guidance from the authorised assignment briefs which can be found on the BTEC NG homepage . Follow the links to your subject homepage and then click on the tutor support materials icon and the you will find a plethora of support including authorised assignment briefs



Tip 3: Use the authorised assignment briefs as a guide or as inspiration for the development of your own centre devised assignment briefs.

Aim to make early contact your standards verifier. Ensure that as soon as you receive the contact details for your standards verifier that you make contact with them and that you ask them what they expect to see. You should receive an email from your standards verifier and it is advisable that if you have not heard anything from a standards verifier and you have learners completing the BTEC NG programme that you must inform Pearson/Edexcel immediately. You will be sampled annually for the BTEC NG course.


Tip 4: Contact your Standards Verifier as soon as you have been allocated him/her. Sampling will take place on a yearly basis. You will NOT not be sampled……..

To ensure that you are fully prepared for the sampling in 2014 you should ensure that as a centre you have completed the Online Standardisation for Centre Assessors (OSCA) training.  This is a different process to that which you may have carried out for the QCF BTEC suite of qualifications.  The OSCA training is also annual and you are required to update your training yearly. The Lead Internal Verifier (IV) must complete the initial training and then has the responsibility of facilitating the training to all the assessors who will assess on the qualification over the course the academic year.

If within your centre you are also delivering QCF BTEC’s in the same subject you will be required to have a Lead IV who has completed the OSCA for the QCF qualifications delivered and a Lead IV (as well as all the assessors internally) will be required to complete the OSCA training for the BTEC NG. There is no way of one overseeing the other qualification unfortunately.

It is the responsibility of the Quality Nominee to register the Lead IV and the Lead IV to indicate register when the training has been completed by all assessors.

Failure to complete the training could result in the Standards Verifier been unable to complete the sample for the year which could potentially delay certification of learners.


Tip 5: Ensure that the Lead IV and all assessors intending to assess on the qualification complete the OSCA training

In preparation for contact with the Standards Verifier ensure that you have prepared an assessment plan for the qualification. The assessment plan should indicate which units you intend to assess and provide an outline of when you intend on delivering these units. Obviously this outline is only an indication and the centre will not be held to these dates.

Pearson/Edexcel have provided a proforma which can be used for centres to include all of the key information which the standards verifier will require. It is therefore advisable that rather than creating your own version of an assessment plan that you use the Pearson/Edexcel endorsed one.


Tip 6: Have an assessment plan completed for the entire course

When it comes to the assessment of the qualification it is important that the assessor uses the specification and the assessment of the standards is consistent with the OSCA training provided. The centre must ensure that for each criterion the appropriate unit content has been covered and the requirement of the command verb has been covered in full within the evidence submitted. The use of observation records and witness statements alone will not be sufficient methods of evidence to demonstrate the awarding of assessment criteria.

The centre must ensure that a sample of the learners work which is assessed is internally verified and that this is recorded and documented.

The rules on assessment have also changed. Centres must be aware that formative feedback must now be recorded and summative assessment should be the final assessment decision. Learners can only revisit work if the Lead IV believes that there has been an assessment inaccuracy.  For more clarity regarding these rules please access the ‘Centre guide to assessment 2014’ which can be found on the Edexcel website.