Video evidence in BTEC Sport

This post was written by Chris Bailey @MrCwBailey.

Capturing video or annotated photographic evidence of students is now a fundamental requirement when students are completing practical elements of the BTEC Sport course. Needless to say it is one of the most obvious ways of proving that the Learning Aims within a Unit of Study have been correctly delivered and that the appropriate assessment criteria have been achieved.

The gathering of this evidence however is not a straightforward task. I was finding it difficult to record and organise video footage of each of my learners performing the wide range of skills within the different practical Units, while still trying to maintain the pace and challenge within my lessons. I am sure that there are a number of teachers in the same situation, equally I am sure that there are teachers that have established an effective way of achieving this mammoth task. I invite these teachers to share their good practice (@SubjectSupport #BtecSport) so that more BTEC Sport teachers are able to effectively record the performances of students without having to compromise the learning that takes place in lessons.

The method I have been using that has been working well for me this year, but is still something that I am looking to develop further, is The PE Geeks (@mrrobbo) Easy Portfolio App. This is an app that allows you to record and organise learners practical work. There are other apps available that do a similar job, for example Three Ring but I have found Easy Portfolio more suitable for my needs.

Easy Portfolio

As the name suggests the app is easy to use and has saved me a lot time when it comes to organising and sharing video and photo evidence with students. The app allows you to create portfolios for your groups which is helpful if you have more than one class completing the course. When recording the footage, you can tag the students that you are focussing on and the files are then saved in the learner’s individual folders. The app then allows you to export these files to Google Drive and Dropbox, and this is the way that I share the files with my students.

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Specific Unit Application

In a previous post I discussed how I use a Sport Logbook to evidence student’s practical performance in Unit 2. This logbook features pictures of the students completing skills in drills and games, and a video of them participating in a competitive environment. To gather these pieces of evidence I get the students participate in conditioned drills and record them using Easy Portfolio. Once I share these with the students they can then screen shot themselves completing the skills and insert them into their logbook, along with a video of their competitive performance. The responsibility is put onto the students to evidence their skills; I merely facilitate them through making sure the videos have sufficient footage of them completing the skills. It is made quite clear that they do not have to demonstrate the perfect model for every skill (technical demand) and that any areas for development will be the focus of the final assignment (Reviewing sports performance).


Screenshot 4

Also in the previous post I touched upon how I combine Unit 2 and 6. Easy Portfolio can obviously be used in the same capacity to record students coaching sessions. These recordings can be used by students to assess their current coaching skills in the lead up to the assessed coaching sessions, much like the way teachers would record their lessons to identify their areas for development. Combining these recordings with the use of a coaching passport provides students with the opportunity to use their own personal experiences when completing Learning Aim A (Attributes associated with successful sports leadership). Having the videoed coaching sessions also allows the students to use specific examples in their review for Learning Aim C. They can clearly state and evidence areas of strength and weakness, and use this information when developing their Personal Development Plan.


Coaching Session

I am going to be using a similar approach to Unit 5 (Training for Personal Fitness). During the six-week training programme the students have to maintain a training diary and this has served as my evidence for completing the Learning Aim (along with observations sheets). For the next cohort I am going to be using Easy Portfolio to take pictures of the students completing the different exercises and these can be included in their training diary to support their evaluation the training sessions. These images could be compared with a perfect model to see if they are completing the activities effectively. Easy Portfolio also has a facility for recording audios. Therefore, I will use this feature to question the students on their session plans, enabling them to justify their plan. As I mentioned earlier all of this evidence will be saved in the individual student’s portfolio and can be shared with them via Google Drive or Dropbox.

These approaches are the way in which I am looking to develop my practice and allow the students to achieve the higher assessment criteria. They may not be perfect and there may be other practitioners that have more effective methods. It would be great if we could work together to come up with a series of strategies to effectively record sporting performance. It would also be fantastic if these recordings could then contribute to a bank of WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) for future cohorts to use as a benchmark and so that the quality of work produced continues to go from strength to strength. Please feel free to share ideas by tweeting @SubjectSupport or myself @MrCwBailey using #BtecSport.