Using GoPro in BTEC Sport lessons

This guest post was written by Simon Bradbury @PeBrado.


I have recently been using a colleague’s GoPro in lessons and have found it to be a great tool, so much so that I will be purchasing one for the department.

I used the GoPro with my year 13 Level 3 BTEC Sport students. I am not keen on paper so wherever possible I will try to avoid getting the students doing paper tasks. My students are currently undertaking Unit 8/9: Practical Team/Individual Sports. For P2 students have to describe the rules and regulations of two different team/individual sports, and apply them to three different situations for each sport. For M2 they need to explain the application of the rules and regulations.

In the past I have got students to design a rule booklet for younger students either on powerpoint or publisher. However, this time I thought I would film the students officiating using an ipad but that they would also wear the GoPro using the chest mount. What this showed was when the students blew the whistle they then explained why they had given the decision therefore covering the rules and regulations. Just to be on the safe side I am also going to conduct a short interview with the students so they can explain any of the rules and regulations that may not have come up within their game situation.

The students find this more engaging as it involves more practical and from a teacher point of view it is a lot more interesting to mark than a pile of rulebooks. The footage captured can also be used for P3 which requires students to demonstrate appropriate skills, techniques and tactics.


I will also be using it with any of my GCSE PE students who wish to do any form of officiating as one of their four sports. I have also seen it used by my colleague for mountain biking assessment as he attached it to his helmet and followed the student in front.

I would be interested to see how other PE teachers use GoPro cameras within their lessons.

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