Wheel of Misfortune

This guest post was written by Stuart Hutton. Stuart can be found on Twitter @PEInnovators

So I am always looking at different ways of delivering lessons to pupils to keep them on their toes and actively engaged in all lessons. Although they are in the classroom I do like them to get a sweat on even if it is a theory based lesson!

Recently we have started Unit 5 in BTEC Sport, part of this looks at First Aid . I created a useful resource which would randomly select a sports injury in which pupils had to go and deliver the relevant treatment to.  Injuries such as breathing and non breathing unconscious causalities, hamstring tears,  fractures, black eyes, dislocations and gashes.  The theme tune of the lesson was the Bee Gees favourite “Staying Alive” which highly amused and captured the attention of the pupils.  The useful resource I referred to earlier was in fact was a giant Wheel of Misfortune!


On each section represented a picture of an injured athlete or disfigured body part!! This really supported the pupils engagement in the lesson to add to the active delivery and pupils could really test themselves moving rapidly through Blooms Taxonomy applying and synthesising their knowledge of treatments. Pupils graded their confidence at delivering treatment to sports injuries before they started and at the end with some really positive results. High levels of learning, engagement and resilience throughout I’m saving this one in the learning bank for OFSTED!!

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